Boo Lean vs. DreamBait

Audio/Visual Performance and Image Archive

Lauren Goshinski & Vincent Naples are a US-based DJ/VJ duo who are now taking bookings in Europe and UK as part of a research project that profiles the digital underground through generative photography/video and performance. The artists want to profile clubs and DIY/artist spaces by collecting photographic scans of the textures and architectures of these spaces, and perform a DJ/VJ set with this growing archive of imagery using real-time, generative video synthesis, and AI/Machine Learning protocols to create a site-specific audio/visual experience and video archive. Imagery collected will be presented & credited at the Carnegie International Biennale in Pittsburgh, PA, October 2018, and ongoing archive project at Canvas art space in Chicago, IL.

The Artists are now scheduling bookings to collect digital images of venues and/or perform a DJ/VJ set on dates:

Berlin Aug 27 – Sep 3

Prague Sep 4 & 5

Linz Sep 6-10

London Sep 11-16

Technical requirements: (2-3) CDJ Nexus2, Pioneer DJM 900 mixer The artists travel with a small projector, and observing the legality of local regulations for operation, a class IV laser. Requires a screen, wall surface, LED tile display or if available, house projector. If interested, please contact:

Artist Bios:

Lauren Goshinski (Boo Lean) is a DJ and audio-visual curator, recognized by Thump as one of the “Top 50 Women Making Noise”. Her DJ sets carve the edges of dark techno, acid, and queered club sounds of the cities and spaces in which she performs. As a researcher and organizer, she is a curator for New Forms Festival (Vancouver), founder of VIA Festival (Pittsburgh), and board member of ICAS (International Cities of Advanced Sound). She approaches research of evolving audio-visual cultures as both a DJ and interviewer. ////

Vincent Naples (DreamBait) is a Chicago-based artist whose work is concerned with sound, light and space. Their process  explores the interactions between a physical location and time-based media,  the relationships between audio and video, and the development of systems of engagement between anobserver and a space. @drmbt