If you want to go far, go together.

A multi user web interface for local interactivity

Hive uses Node.js websockets to connect the mobile devices of a defined number of users to a URL and convert their touch into an expressive OSC control surface for environmental parameters including, color, speed, translation, and transformation of projected, displayed or otherwise visualized shapes, objects, lights and patterns.

Designed as an etude in crowd sourced visual composition, each iteration of Hive is a unique expression of ranges and limitations curated by Drmbt, and visualized through the collaborative choices made by the collective user base. By routing mobile user data to audio engines such as Ableton Live, servers and languages like VDMX, TouchDesigner, MAX/MSP, OpenFrameworks, Processing, Unity, Quartz Composer and other interactive visual design engines, Hive provides a framework for expressive control over virtually any multi-media or environmental condition that can be controlled by computer.

Imagined by DreamBait and programmed by Sean Zellmer (Le Jeune Renard), Hive demonstrates the power of real time user feedback for creating expressive visual, audio, lighting and time based events occur in a performance, immersive or gallery environment. Completely modular, scalable and expansive, Hive works as a workflow and a framework for capturing mobile and web driven user feedback and achieving low latency control of an artwork or moment.

The first public exhibition of this process and resulting composition will be held as a part of the SpringMake festival hosted by the Museum of Science and industry April 12th 2018. Tickets can be purchased via this link, discounted with promotional code: DREAMBAIT